japanese title ホンバン
translation Honban

Production information

Scenario Yukito Kizawa
Storyboard Takashi Kawabata
Production Takashi Kawabata
Directed by Kazuya Shiotsuki; Akihisa Takano; Junichi Takaoka; Hatsue Nakayama
End card KEI
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast May 24, 2014
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Showtime (ホンバン, Honban) is the 20th episode of the Nisekoi series that is originally written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi as a manga. The episode premiered on May 24, 2014 and is the last episode of season 1.
Showtime title card

Episode 20 title card.

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Showtime end card

Episode 20 end card.

With Chitoge's inclusion into their cast, the play commences with Shū as the narrator taking their performance into a comedic turn, adding nonsensical subplots into the play's story for the enjoyment of the audience but for the chagrin to some of its casts. Nevertheless, the play finishes, gaining warm admiration from the audience while Chitoge recognizes her true love for Raku. With their usual relationship back in place, Chitoge apologizes to Raku for her harsh behavior and adds that she will still be herself in front of him. During a conversation with Kosaki, Raku takes notice of Kosaki's desire of playing the role of Juliet. To compensate for not having played her role, Raku and Kosaki reprise their roles as Romeo and Juliet respectively and did a private play for themselves as Chitoge looks into the horizon and remarks the conclusion of their memorable cultural festival.

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"Of course...I abhor you. - Chitoge Kirisaki"

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Differences between anime and manga Edit

  • The ballerinas and people dressed in sparkling body suits don't appear in the manga.
  • In the manga, Claude corners Raku against the wall but in the anime, he corners him against a column.

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