Nisekoi chap85
Japanese title オウエン
translation title Ouen
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Chapter number 085
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Crush
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Sick Visit
Support (オウエン, Ouen) is the eighty fifth chapter of the Nisekoi series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine  Weekly Shōnen Jump.

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Tsugumi stops Raku in the hallway, and tells him that her reply yesterday was worded wrong. She tells Raku that although her feelings wouldn't matter, she wouldn't be okay with not confessing her true feelings. Raku thanks Tsugumi and runs off to find Shū. Kyoko bids everyone farewell and walks out of the school.

Raku makes it to the roof, where Shū is ditching class. After Shū acts nonchalant about the situation, Raku tells Shū he doesn't need to do the mature thing, and that he should act on what he feels. Raku tells Shū he'll give him a push, because he knows that Shū will regret not telling Kyoko how he feels. Raku kicks Shū from behind and tells him that Kyoko is at the taxi stand at the intersection near school.

Shū sprints through the school, blazing past Ruri and makes it to the taxi stand and Kyoko, while it has begun to rain. Kyoko and Shū stare at each other silently for a moment, and Kyoko tells Shū that he'll be a good man and that he should try to be happy. Kyoko leaves in the taxi, and Shū stands in the rain alone.

Raku comes as the rain stops, and asks if he did too much. Shū asks Raku to treat him to some takoyaki. Outside of a restaurant, Shū thanks Raku for helping him. Shū says he feels refreshed, although it ended in a way he doesn't like. Shū says he has no regrets about Kyoko now, and tells Raku he'll help him when he needs a push as well.

Inspired by Shū, Raku asks Kosaki to walk home together with him. She accepts, and Raku thinks he'll be able to tell her his feelings some day.

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  • This chapter was adapted into an episode for Support.