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Suzu Ayakiji

Nisekoi fuu

Fuu manga

Translation Fuu
Character information
Other names Fuu (nickname);

Fuu-Chan by Haru

Gender Female
Age 15(2nd Year Arc)

16(3rd Year Arc)

Date of birth December 3


Blood type B
Height 155 cm
Occupation Reporter
Home country Japan
Goal Make Haru happy
Likes Photography
Background information
Chapter "Kamikaze"
Episode "Little Sister"
Japanese Kotori Koiwai
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Suzu Ayakaji (彩風 涼,Ayakiji Suzu) or Fuu (風, Fuu) is the best friend and classmate of Haru Onodera and also one of the classmates of Paula McCoy.


Fuu has been a long time friend of Haru's since before they entered high school. There is not much mentioned about how Fuu and Haru met but they seem to be best friends with each other.


Fuu is very kind and understanding. She tries her best to make her friends happy and supports them. Haru states she is a bit weird at times like when she asked Haru to model for her and getting a nosebleed in the process. Overall, she is a good person to her fellow classmates.


Haru Onodera

Fuu is Haru's best friend and classmate. Fuu always looks for Haru and truly wishes for her to be happy. When Haru starts to have feelings for Raku, Fuu is able to understand her feelings for him and tries to find situations where she and Raku could be together. This is very similar to Kosaki and Ruri's relationship where Ruri tries to get Kosaki together with Raku to confess.

Paula McCoy

Fuu and Paula are classmates and close friends.


Fuu Nisekoi

Fuu has light, fair skin with indigo eyes. She has thick, dark auburn hair that sports a braid with a pink ribbon on the left side of her hair.

She is mostly seen in the school uniform as most of her classmates do which is a half-sleeved or long-sleeved (depending on the season) white shirt with a blue sailor-style collar attached at the lower part of her neck that connects a thin green tie that is laced through a loop at the end of the shirt, making a little part of the tie to reach the skirt. Her tie color is different from the upperclassmen because she's only a freshman. The skirt reaches around the upper thighs and is a blue-colored fabric that is accompanied by her white knee-length socks and brown slip-on shoes.


  • Photography: Fuu is shown to have a camera and takes pictures of Haru or other events.


First Year Arc

Second Year Arc


  • During the ending credits starting from Episode 18, Fuu made a cameo appearance in a form of a caricature, alongside MikagePaulaHaruYuiHonda and Migisuke.
  • Suzu's nickname, Fuu, means wind.
  • There is a high probability that Suzu has a crush on Haru. Many instances like her becoming red on undressing Haru in the hot spring, she nosebleeding on Haru's posing for a photograph point towards the contingency. Not only this, but in the manga, when Haru finally realises she has been in love with Raku and not merely crushing over him, she confesses her feelings towards Raku to Suzu. It is shown that Suzu reacts to this by blushing with astonishment. This could mean that Suzu mistakingly thought that Haru meant her.
  • In the Opening 1 of Season 2, Suzu seems to take a picture of Haru with her skirt up and with concentrated eyes. This trait Suzu is never shown in the actual Anime but in the Manga it is.
  • Suzu never interacted with Chitoge, Marika, Seishiro, Shuu, and Paula in the Anime
  • Suzu can't swim.

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