Temple Festival
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Japanese title テンプル・フェスティバル
translation title Tenpuru fesutibaru
Chapter Information
Chapter number 042
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Typhoon
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Temple Festival (テンプル・フェスティバル, Tenpuru fesutibaru) is the fourty-second chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Raku helps out the Shūei Clan with the booths at a temple festival but takes a break to bring food to the rest of the clan at other booths. On his way there, Raku bumps into Chitoge. As they start to argue, a Yazuka member brings some beer he wants Raku to bring to the other members but sees that he's with Chitoge, his fake lover, and decides to leave the two alone and tells Raku he could work the tasks and do the booth himself.

Chitoge then asks Raku to get her some takoyaki at a booth but Raku decides to bring her to another takoyaki booth, owned by one of the Yazuka members, so he could get them takoyaki for free. Realizing that Chitoge could freeload on Raku due to the Yazuka members working several booths, she asks Raku for a date around the festival.

As Chitoge happily runs around the festival, Kosaki sees that Chitoge and Raku are having a date with each other. Marika sees her and also notices the date Raku and Chitoge are having. Marika says that she was turned down by Raku to go the festival and is frustrated to see Chitoge and Raku having a date which makes her want to get in the way.

After playing a game to win fish, Raku brings Chitoge to a booth selling relationship charms so he could buy one to possibly improve the relationship he has with Kosaki. Since a big crowd surrounds the booth, Chitoge tells him to hold her hand so they wouldn't get separated. Once Raku gets his relationship charm, he accidentally lets go of Chitoge's hand. As he tries to find her, he finds a hand sticking out of the crowd. He takes her out of the crowd but realizes that the hand was actually Kosaki's.

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  • Raku is good at temple festival games. One of the Shūei Clan members says that they always lose against him in the game booths.

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