That's What You Would Call It
Nisekoi chap205
Japanese title ソウヨブ
translation title Souyou
Chapter Information
Chapter number 205
Arc Third Year Arc
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That's What You Would Call It (ソウヨブ, Souyou) is the two-hundredth fifth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly on Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Tsugumi shows up at the school wearing the school's girl uniform. Everyone in the class stares at excitement at the odd sight of Tsugumi in the uniform. Although Tsugumi is embarrassed by the uniform, she only agreed to wear it after Paula's urge for her to wear it in hopes to appeal it for Raku.

After school, Tsugumi is told about her after school duty with Raku. She feels extremely flustered by the fact that she's working with Raku and is embarrassed about how she is dressed. The two then go through several task where Tsgumi becomes flustered and ends up hurting Raku.

Walking to the pet store to buy dog food with Raku, Tsugumi wonder what her love life would be like if she and Raku were together. Distracted and uneasy about the idea, Tsugumi accidentally gets her foot hurt as she gets in stuck in a ditch.

Rake carries Tsugumi home on his back due to her foot injury. Although things are awkward for Tsugumi, Raku talks to her about the secret of his and Chitoge's fake relationship. Tsugumi restates that she understands the situation and feels that she was being a bother toward them. Raku denies this and says Tsugumi was never a bother for them and is grateful for her.

Tsugumi then asks Raku to give her advice for a friend who states she is interested in a boy that makes her heart race and has her constantly looking at him. Raku tells her that what the girl is feeling is definitely love much to Tsugumi's surprise. Unknown to Raku, Tsugumi's friend was actually referring to herself. This statement from Raku makes Tsugumi finally realize the feeling of love.

Chapter Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time Tsugumi wears the school's girl uniform.
  • When Raku says her id feeling déjà vu as he carries Tsugumi on his back, he is referring to Happiness.

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