The Center
Nisekoi chap195
Japanese title マンナカ
translation title Man'naka
Chapter Information
Chapter number 195
Arc Second Year Arc
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The Center  (マンナカ, Man'naka) is the one-hundredth ninety fifth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

At the airport, Raku and the gang greet Marika goodbye as she sets off to America for two years. Chitoge says goodbye to Marika and orders everyone but Raku to come with her to the gift shop.

With Raku and Marika alone, Marika thanks Raku again for his efforts to save her and then asks him if he will confess to Kosaki soon. Raku tries avoiding the topic but Marika insists that Raku must confess to Kosaki to get his love life together. She then asks him how he feels about Chitoge. The topic surprises Raku and denies liking her. Marika asks if Raku has ever seen her more than a friend and tells him to acknowledge his feelings. Although she knows Raku's crush for Kosaki, she can tell that Raku might have fallen for both Chitoge and Kosaki. She states nothing is wrong with loving two people at the same time and hopes Raku can accept the way he feels before she returns form America.

She claims that once she returns, she will also take Raku back as her own and make herself a better girl during her treatments in America. Before Marika leaves she lies to Raku about his bed hair. As she leans in to fix it, she gives Raku a kiss on the center of his forehead. She greets him goodbye and proclaims her love for him once more.

Honda awaits Marika near the airplane's gateway. Marika than asks if Honda was her ally all along. Honda answers that she has cared about her health the whole time and that everything she did was to get Marika treated as soon as possible. Honda mentions that she was surprised someone was able to change Chika and tells her that Chika has also allowed her to accompany Marika to America as her aid. Marika is glad about Honda coming with her and then asks for Honda's real name. Honda reveals her true name is Yoko which Marika finds cute.

On the plane, Marika hands Honda a book of improvements that Marika could make to herself to become a better lady. Honda tells her that she will stop her if she overdose her improvements but Marika says that she will no longer overdo it because things have changed. Although her chances with Raku aren't 100% possible, she is sure that she wants to return to Japan as a better person. As Marika looks out her window, she sees Chitoge, Kosaki, Tsugumi, Ruri, and Shū gather together with signs saying, "We'll Wait For You!!"

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelation Edit

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