To Mari
Nisekoi chap188
Japanese title マリーへ
translation title Marī e
Chapter Information
Chapter number 188
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume To Mari
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To Mari (マリーへ, Marī e) is the one-hundredth eighty eighth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

The day of Marika's wedding arrives. As the staff prepare for the ceremony, Marika sadly waits in her locked room.

Meanwhile, Chitoge rants about Marika's mother not caring for Marika's happiness after Raku explains it to Chitoge, Shū, Tsugumi, and Mikage in the Tachibana underground dungeon. Raku tells the group that he plans to rescue Marika forcibly and bring her to his house to delay the wedding. Not wanting the group to suffer the consequences of the plan, Raku tells the groups to tell everyone that they were forced by him to do the plan, in case of capture.

Chitoge gets mad at Raku at first for having Raku telling them that he would take the blame for the consequences and having Marika stay at his house but says she will help complete his mission with the condition of having Marika stay at her house instead of Raku's.

Raku then asks Mikage if she agrees with his plan. She says that her plan would be very similar to Raku's since the start and that she already had Kosaki and Ruri infiltrate the castle ahead of time as two temporary workers. The group then plan where to rescue Marika through a map of the castle.

As the group head out of the dungeon, Tsugumi stops Mikage to ask if what Honda had told her about Marika was true. After Mikage implies that Honda wasn't lying, Tsugumi tells Mikage that she chooses to keep it a secret from the group to prevent them from wanting to save Marika.

Meanwhile, servants prepare Marika's hair for the wedding. They ask her if she will be wearing her marigold hairpiece for the wedding. The hairpiece reminds Marika of Raku first giving her the marigold when they were kids as a flashback plays. Raku explains to Marika he was looking through a flower encyclopedia and saw that the marigold was similar to Marika's name. Since the flower meant health, Raku hoped the flower could make Marika feel better. Marika smiles and tells him that she'll keep it forever.

Chapter NotesEdit

Character RevelationsEdit

  • Marika got her iconic marigold hairpiece from Raku as a child hoping that it would be able to improve her health.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time we see Marika's two hair strands no longer conjoined.

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