To Mari
Nisekoi vol21
japanese title マリーへ
translation Marī e
Volume Information
Volume 21
Manga chapters 10
ISBN 978-4-08-880580-1 (Japan)
Japanese release January 4, 2016
Volume chronology
← Previous Volume
An Order
Next Volume →

To Mari is the twenty-first volume of the Nisekoi series. It has been released in Japan on January 4, 2016 released by Shueisha.

Short summary Edit

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 180: I've Been Waiting (ミテキタ, Mitekita)
  • Chapter 181: Limit (ゲンカイ, Genkai)
  • Chapter 182: Contract (ケイヤク, Keiyaku)
  • Chapter 183: Message (デンゴン, Dengon)
  • Chapter 184: Role (オヤクメ, Oyakume)
  • Chapter 185: Battle (タタカイ, Tatakai)
  • Chapter 186: Why (ドウシテ, Doushite)
  • Chapter 187: Dungeon (ロウゴク, Rougoku)
  • Chapter 188: To Mari (マリーへ, Marī e)

Important events Edit

Trivia Edit

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