Nisekoi chap47
Japanese title イショウ
translation title Ishō
Chapter Information
Chapter number 047
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Showtime
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Together (イショウ, Ishō) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Raku practices for the play but is interrupted by Marika as she says Kosaki's lines because she's her understudy. Raku looks through and sees Chitoge with a two students. Raku still doesn't understand what has been going on with Chitoge but decides to forget about her so he could practice for the play but notices Claude watching him.

After trying on his costume and seeing Kosaki in her costume for the play, Raku sees Claude angrily staring at him with his knife. Raku then runs up to Chitoge to tell her that Claude is watching them and that they need to act as lovers but Chitoge refuses. Raku reminds Chitoge the war that could happen if they don't act as a fake couple and that's she's being selfish but she refuses again. He asks her why she's turning him down, which she answers by saying that she doesn't want to have any connection with him. She turned down the role of Juliet so she wouldn't have to pretend being Raku's lover and that they're just strangers between each other.

Raku thinks about everything that Chitoge had just said and thought that he was happy being a fake couple with Chitoge because he was able to find out his past relationship with her and know that they are in some way connected. He then becomes mad at Chitoge and tells her that since they were always strangers, his memories and bond with her were all fake and that they should end their fake relationship. In anger, Chitoge slaps him in face and walks away as the class open their class windows and wonder what had just happened. 

Kosaki comes to check on him but tells her he needs a break. Despite always being hit by her, Raku believes that getting slapped in the face hurts much more. Meanwhile, Chitoge starts punching the wall and tells herself she's an idiot.

Chapter Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

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