Volume 5
japanese title タイフウ
translation Taifuu
Volume Information
Volume 5
Manga chapters 10
ISBN 978-4-08-870602-3 (Japanese)
978-1-4215-6585-9 (English)
Japanese release January 4, 2013
English release September 2, 2014
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Typhoon (タイフウ, Taifuu) is the fifth volume of the Nisekoi series. It has been released in Japan on January 4, 2013 released by Shueisha, and in the United Stated on November 4, 2014 by Viz Media.

Short summary Edit

It's hate at first sight when Raku Ichijō first meets Chitoge Kirisaki. But much to their chagrin, the two are forced into a false love relationship to keep the peace between their feuding gangster families. Meanwhile, Raku's still hung up over the girl he made a promise to ten years ago, keeping a pendant around his neck as a memento. The girl, in turn, holds the key that opens the pendant. To Raku's surprise, he discovers three girls have keys from a promise they also made ten years ago-Chitoge, his current crush Onodera and the police commissioner's daughter Marika!

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 35: Explosion (バクハツ, Bakuhatsu)
  • Chapter 36: Three (サンボン, Sanbon)
  • Chapter 37: Greetings (アイサツ, Aisatsu)
  • Chapter 38: Work (ハタラク, Hataraku)
  • Chapter 39: Typhoon (タイフウ, Taifuu)
  • Chapter 40: Liar (ウソツキ, Usotsuki)
  • Chapter 41: Stray Dog (ステイヌ, Suteinu)
  • Chapter 42: Temple Festival (エンニチ, Ennichi)
  • Chapter 43: Good Fortune (ゴリヤク, Goriyaku)
  • Chapter 44: At The Beach (ウミベて, Umibete)

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