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    Sup. BurningFury here.

    After considering things, (I guess), we all know that the 3 girls who were shown during the first season(namely Chitoge, Onodera, and Tachibana), all have an equal chance on being the promise girl that Raku is searching for, because each of them has keys that may or may not open the locket of Raku. But, maybe, just maybe, Onodera has a bit higher chance of being the promise girl, for the logo(kinda) of Nisekoi shows Onodera's key and Raku's locket. I know many has considered this possibility but, I just wanna share it again. (Or maybe, the 4th girl who will be shown at the season season might be the one Raku's promise girl. But still, each of them would have 25% chance of being the one Raku is searching for.)

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