Nisekoi chap 214
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Chapter number 214
Arc Third Year Arc
Volume N/A
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Do You Like Him
Whereabouts is the two-hundredth fourteenth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly on Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Approaching the venue for their closing ceremony, Raku and Kosaki reason with their respective companions (Shu and Ruri) to go ahead without them as they rush to their school's rooftop to talk about Chitoge's sudden departure and what had caused her in doing so. Knowing about Chitoge's praising of Kosaki's character during her last known encounter with Raku as well as her previous vehement responses when being asked about her feelings towards Raku, Kosaki realizes that Chitoge is also in love with Raku and that she had heard her confession. At that same moment, Chitoge's father contacts Raku and discloses to him Chitoge's current location.

Meanwhile at Hana Kirisaki's company office branch in New York, Chitoge reports before her mother the numerous tasks she accomplished, raising admiration from the staff and Hana herself. When asked about her plans, Chitoge asks her mother to let her stay by her side for longer as she think things through for herself, much to Hana's aggreing and adding that love is a troublesome matter for a girl in her lifetime. With a recommendation for her work ethic from a known company, Hana lets Chitoge decide if she were to return to Japan or move on with her new-found career. 

Contemplating on what to decide, Chitoge feels conflicted whether or not she would feel happy about Raku and Kosaki's mutual feelings to each other while also weighing in her love for Raku, wondering also if Marika was aware of Raku's true love interest. Noticing the key necklace she is wearing, Chitoge ponders if her being the promised girl would grant her more attention from Raku as she spots the latter and Kosaki in the vicinity looking for her.

Chapter Notes Edit


  • This chapter debuts the city of New York in the series.

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