Chap38 nisekoi
Japanese title ハタラク
translation title Hataraku
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Chapter number 038
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Typhoon
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Work (ハタラク, Hataraku) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

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Ruri tells Kosaki that she needs to be able to talk to Raku and won't make any progression with him if she doesn't do anything. Kosaki interrupts her and tells her that Raku had actually promised to come to her house which surprises Ruri.

On the day of the semester closing ceremony, Kosaki comes up to Raku to ask him if he could work at her family's sweet shop due to an employee not being able to work. Happy that he has a chance to work with Kosaki, he happily agrees.

As Raku enters "Japanese Candies Onodera", he encounters Kosaki's mother, Nanako, who has a personality that is nothing close to Kosaki's. After Kosaki introduces Raku to her mother, Nanako tests Raku to see if he has any capability in actually helping out which he is able to do after Nanako tastes his delicious Japanese candy.

As Raku and Kosaki work together to make some sweets, Kosaki's mother leaves the shop. After a customer leaves the shop, Kosaki asks Raku if he still goes on dates with Chitoge. He denies it at first but remembers his fake relationship with her, but despite this Kosaki tells him that she already knows that Raku and Chitoge are fake which stocks Raku. Raku then wonders how his relationship will change now that he knows that Kosaki knows of his fake relationship with Chitoge while Kosaki wonders if Raku secretly likes Chitoge.

The two then notice that the wind and rain are coming in and reminds Raku that the news said that a typhoon was coming. Kosaki's mother suddenly calls and tells her that she won't be able to come back to the shop and that it would be dangerous for Raku to come back home.

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  • Kosaki is good at decorating the sweets in her family's shop despite being a bad cook.

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