Japanese title オシゴト
translation title Oshigoto
Chapter Information
Chapter number 071
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Kamikaze
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Work (オシゴト, Oshigoto) is the seventy-first chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

At the end of the school day Marika greets goodbye to Raku and heads off. As Chitoge and Raku walk home together, Raku notes that Marika has been heading home early. The two head to a restaurant to grab a bite.

As they enter a restaurant, they are surprised to find Marika working there. The two are impressed that Marika wants to work to earn money but found out she is actually a horrible waitress. Despite this, the manager explains that she is actually important to their business because she remains cheerful even with her several mistakes.

Just then, Ryuu and members of the Shuuei clan show up to eat. Raku and Chitoge are surprised to see them there, and order Ryuu and his crew to not cause any trouble. Afterwards, Claude and the Bee Hive Gang show up at that moment, coming to eat as well. Claude sees Chitoge and assures her that they will not be a bother to her. However, the Shuei group and the Bee Hive Gang end up sitting next to each other. After a heated exchange of words between their leaders, Raku and Chitoge are able to calm them down. However, Marika pounces on Raku, which incites Claude and the Shuei group to argue about Raku's "mistress".

Suddenly, Migisuke and members of the riot police squad come to eat. Migisuke sees the other gang leaders, and insults them, leading to a confrontation between all three groups. As they are about to fight, the manager exclaims that they will lose all their customers. Marika realizes this will mean she won't have a job, and kicks out the members of all three groups. Marika's manager thanks her profusely.

Marika, Chitoge, and Raku walk back together, and are surprised that she was able to kick out all those people. Marika explains she was passionate about her job because she was saving up for her wedding with Raku. She says she would use the money to buy a house for the two of them. Marika then leaves the two of them, and returns home. She puts her pay into a big bowl filled with her other pay slips, and looks at a painting of a house Raku made when they were children.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Marika has saved up a lot of money over her days working.
  • Marika keeps a drawing of a house that Raku made when they were kids on her wall.
  • Marika wants her first child to be a girl.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter was adapted into an OVA for Change/Work.
  • Marika speaks with a Hakata dialect when she kicks out the gang members and police.

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