Zawse in Love
Volume 2
japanese title ザクシャ イン ラブ
translation Zakusya In Rabu
Volume Information
Volume 2
Manga chapters 9
ISBN 978-4-08-870470-8 (Japan)
978-1-4215-6004-5 (English)
Japanese release July 4, 2012
English release January 12, 2013
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Zawse in Love (ザクシャ イン ラブ, Zakusya In Rabu) is the second volume of the Nisekoi series. It has been released in Japan on July 4, 2012 released by Shueisha, and in the United Stated on January 12, 2013 by Viz Media.

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Though Raku and Chitoge's false love is off to a rocky start, they have everyone fooled! However, Raku's still hung up on his childhood sweetheart and wears a pendant around his neck as a memento. But one big problem prevents him from finding the girl whom he promised to marry—he can't remember her name or face! To further complicate matters, Onodera, Raku's current crush who also harbors secret feelings for him, accidentally overhears the two arguing over their false relationship!

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